Terrence Malick's New Movie Will Be Very Lizard-Heavy

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Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life opens in less than a month, but little is known about the latest film from the notoriously secretive director, except that Sean Penn is (maybe!) playing Brad Pitt's son. The minute or so of footage 20th Century Fox gave to Entertainment Weekly today didn't make things any clearer. The video is not embeddable, but you can view it here.

Around the Web, befuddled bloggers struggled to make sense of what they were seeing, which apparently had something to do with amphibians.

  • "The footage has a dreamy, remembered quality to it thanks to fluid camera movements, soft light, and jump cuts. It’s beautiful, no doubt. But what does it mean? Is it simply setting up an idyllic childhood for Penn’s character? What kind of 'trip' could Pitt’s character be on? And could the lizard have a connection to the dinosaurs (yup, dinosaurs) seen in some of the movie’s promotional materials?" -- Entertainment Weekly
  • "[W]hile there are still no dinosaurs (or Brad Pitt, sadly), it does offer a newt. Or a salamander? Lizard?" -- Vulture
  • "Now, I’m not a Freud scholar but three 10 to 12-year old brothers shrieking excitedly after learning that their father is out of town--and then chasing their delicate mother (Jessica Chastain) around the house with a lizard seems a little ripe for psychoanalysis. Right?"  -- Movieline
  • "It's basically a dreamy suburban yesteryear thing with three kids chasing Jessica Chastain around with a live lizard....the spirited reveries of adolescence, etc." -- Hollywood Elsewhere

Here is the trailer if you want to try to puzzle it out yourself:



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