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Here at The Atlantic Wire, we respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our jobs easier. Sometimes, though, we have no idea what they're talking about. So after a day of staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorite head-scratchers.


Blind Film Critic Seeing Success - Would you trust his reviews? than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

That depends. How much time does he spend discussing set design?

U.S. drone strike in Pakistan; protests over bin Laden than a minute ago via Tweet Button Favorite Retweet Reply

It goes without saying this will be the least-crossed picket line in history

James Traub: How Obama became the Jack Bauer of law professors: than a minute ago via bitly Favorite Retweet Reply

Traub has obviously never watched 24, since the second half of the piece is all about how, with bin Laden out of the way, Obama can return to the quiet world of liberal institutionalism. Was Jack Bauer ever able to return to anything? No way. And he always wanted to. Once you're Jack Bauer, you're Jack Bauer forever. You can't go back to listening to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon after that.

Because it's important to understand the human side of our enemies. Also, because Al Qaeda might have a Border Collie sleeper cell somewhere in America.

Last year, 95% of all race horses in the U.S. were on performance-enhancing drugs. Should Kentucky clean up its act? | than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

Don't blame Kentucky. The Commonwealth isn't doping horses. The Commonwealth isn't forcing them to run at dangerous speeds. They do control the sugar lump trade, though. That's big.

Solid weekend advice for us all.


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