Stewart Stumps O'Reilly with Criticism of Obama's Presidency

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The second segment of Jon Stewart's appearance on The O'Reilly Factor aired last night. And Fox News must be be happy with at least some of the headlines this part of the exchange is making. The most quotable snippet comes at the end, after O'Reilly and Stewart have whizzed through the Republican field. Quick summary: Stewart sort of likes Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney, still thinks Michelle Bachman is a scary robot.

When the conversation turns to Barack Obama, O'Reilly pegs a suspecting Stewart with the juicy questions. Would Stewart ever consider voting for a Republican? Sure, he's an open-minded guy. Has President Obama lived up to his expectations? No, Stewart began--and here's where selective headline writers stop--but perhaps Stewart just started off with the wrong expectations. Stewart explains himself:

No. But I don't know if my expectations were fair to that individual. I believe we were at a more transformative time but I've come to respect a certain steadiness of his craft that I don't necessarily agree with. I think that he had an opportunity--more in the Reagan mold--to be a little more of a bully-pulpit president than what he appears to be, which is more of a Tip O'Neil president, like a legislative worker,  someone who understands more of a bureaucratic method as opposed to something that's more, you know, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan-type.

O'Reilly said in response, "I didn't understand a word of that but it sounded really good." The two men exchange a few verbose compliments with grins and sign off.

Fox News posted the full unedited interview last night. Missing from the on-air segments is a rather confusing conversation about Two and a Half Men.

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