See Edward Ardizzone's Lost 'Huck Finn' Illustrations

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The British children's author and illustrator Edward Ardizonne is best known for writing and illustrating the Tim series and for his collaboration with his cousin Christianna Brand on the Nurse Matilda books. But he also illustrated an edition of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn for Heinemann Educational Books in 1970. Recently, the daughters of Heinemann founder Anthony Beal discovered Ardizonne's original drawings while cleaning out their father's desk. Now the works are on display and will be sold. Here are a few highlights from the collection at The Illustration Cupboard where they can be purchased. 

Title Page:

Tom Sawyer's Gang:

I read considerable to Jim:

The lightning showed us the wreck:

The hottest kind of language:

We paddled out and got aboard:

After supper, she got out her book:

These country jakes won't ever think of that:

I am the late Dauphin:

With his head down between his knees:

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