New York Times Hunts 'Big Buck' Enthusiasts

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All prerequisites are in place: a middle-American pastime appropriated for the East Village? Check. A vague "dedicated subculture" of "trendy urbanites" present? Sure. Said urbanites guzzling copious amounts of alcohol while unironically competing in a teenager's video game? Of course.

The latest craze given New York Times trend treatment is Big Buck Hunting: that game where you use the plastic rifle to gun down wildebeest in between chugs of Miller High Life. Did you know that it's being played by television producers at bars throughout the city (three are named)? And is a crowd-pleaser, as the Times archly suggests, among those who, "most likely have never held a gun"?

While we could follow the exploits of the Big Buck Hunting enthusiasts competing for a $100 bar tab, we mostly just enjoyed this quote from one bleary-eyed competitor who leveled with the Times on his shooting strategy:

"Not being able to see straight sometimes helps you see straighter."

We always thought that was Beer Pong strategy. The Times, too, seems to betray its feelings by providing a double-meaning slideshow entitled "Nimrods in Manhattan."

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