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Charlie Sheen's planned interview for the June issue of Vanity Fair reportedly fell apart when the troubled former TV star demanded "a million bucks and story control." The magazine refused, but that didn't stop contributing editor Mark Seal from completing his feature on the actor's descent into infamy, which hits newsstands today in Los Angeles and New York. We haven't seen the full piece yet, but the early excerpts show a side of Sheen not seen on Twitter or in his disjointed roadshow act. Among the notable revelations

He is a negotiating dynamo

His rejected offer to Vanity Fair notwithstanding, Sheen has an impressive history of playing chicken with Hollywood money-men. Sheen manager Mark Burg recalls Warner Bros. television and CBS initially offered Sheen a $48 million deal to keep him on Two and a Half Men for two more seasons ($1 million-per-episode) in 2010. The day before up-fronts, the offer was up to $72 million. Burg, on his way to a Lakers playoff game, begged Sheen to take the deal. He recalls Sheen's response: "‘Pass. Mark, it's a hundred million or I'm not doing it.'" Sheen lawyer Jake Bloom called Warner Bros. television president Mark Rosenbloom and CBS chairman Les Moonves during the national anthem to pass on the offer. Before tip-off, says Burg, Rosenbloom and Moonves had "said yes [to $100 million]."

At Sheen's first meeting Chuck Lorre, the Two and a Half men creator wouldn't stop talking about his dog

Burg says the first meeting between Sheen and Lorre (whom the actor would late call a "troll") was "really depressing." "Chuck wanted Charlie, and he kind of pitched the show, but there was no script yet," explains Burg. "Chuck's dog had just passed away, and he was sad. He kept talking about the dog." Even when the script finally came in, Sheen wanted to pass. "You can't talk Charlie into doing anything," says Burg. "He was nervous about acting with a kid."

He tried to get Tom Sizemore into rehab

Sheen's own problems with drugs have been well-documented, but he's a prince when it comes to helping his friends get clean. Character actor Tom Sizemore (right) says he had "fallen into a stupor of drugs" in the early-2000s when a then-sober Sheen showed up at his house. "I get a honking at my gate, and a girl I was seeing runs down and runs back and says, 'It's Charlie Sheen,' so they let him in, and he went into my backyard, and he sat there for two days," says Sizemore. Sheen wanted to take him to rehab, and Sizemore agreed, only to scramble back through the house and out the front door. "I came back at five in the morning, " Sizemore says. "He's still there." (Sizemore says he got sober in 2009)

He and pornstar Capri Anderson did not have sex in a restaurant bathroom

Anderson was Sheen's date at New York's Daniel restaurant the night of his $7,000 Plaza Hotel rampage back in October. She makes it clear there was no restroom canoodling going on that night "First of all, I would never have sex in a bathroom, especially at such a nice establishment as Daniel, for any amount of money," she says. "I am a porn starlet, if you will, but I do have class." In other words, if Sheen really was "found naked with cocaine on his face" in the bathroom at Daniel, as the New York Daily News reported, he was by himself.

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