Musical YouTube Reactions to Bin Laden

Techno tracks, odes, and a "Like a Virgin" parody didn't need to happen

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Perhaps inevitably, YouTube has begun to fill up with songs pegged to the death of Osama bin Laden. We're not saying any of these are in great taste, or even all that much fun to listen to, but they're worth noting as one more way Americans are talking to themselves about the news. Below, a selection:

Singer-songwriter bigedude33 has recorded videos about the royal wedding and Justin Bieber getting a haircut, so it's not surprising that he'd weigh in on one of the biggest news stories of the year. "The Osama bin Laden Is Dead Song" is about a minute long and doesn't tell you much you didn't already know, though it does make use of the convenient Obama-Osama rhyme. Bonus points for a jarringly fatalistic ending: "We are happier / Until somebody else screws us up." Yikes.

The rapper Hot Rod, who signed to 50 Cent's label G Note Records in December, has released "Osama bin Laden Is Dead," a slight but effective dancefloor number. The crooned lyrics might scan as crass--"Osama was killed tonight / So everybody come and have a good time / The great news made me lose my mind / So tonight I'm gonna have a good time." But as far as we can tell, this is exactly the same line of reasoning that got everybody into Times Square and outside the White House on Sunday night. Bonus points, we guess, for the "winning" drops. Actually, on second thought, demerits for that.

As best we can tell, the song "Osama bin Laden is Dead - Jogo Dubstep Remix" comes from Bring the Noise DJ Group, a Los Angeles producer collective. It's a hard-hitting, mostly amelodic track, made newsy by what sounds like a TV anchor intoning "Osama bin Laden... dead," over and over, atop the music. (Then there are a lot of shouted cuss words, so keep that in mind if you're listening at work.) This might be the best of the "Osama is dead" songs, actually: parts of it sound convincingly like terrifying machines coming to kill you, which is at least suited to the subject.

Were you waiting for the Madonna parody in which Osama bin Laden sings about the dearth of pretty young companions awaiting him in the afterlife? In kind of a mildly offensive "Arabic" accent? Friend, this song is for you. "No Virgins," a riff on "Like a Virgin" by SpencerKindaFunny, imagines bin Laden as a sexually frustrated dork who did it all, as Fred Durst would say, for the nookie. And now he finds that Paradise is "a sausage-fest... there's no virgins, not even chicks who did it one or two times." This just makes us want to go listen to some actual Madonna. Also, The Onion did the joke better in 2001.

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