Mike Tyson: 'Hangover' Sequel's Lowest Paid Star?

He was paid much less than you'd think for his role

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The Smoking Gun has uncovered the amount Mike Tyson was paid for his role in the sequel to the blockbuster film The Hangover -- and it's less than you would think. Tyson received $200,000 both for his small role as well as for recording a cover version of the song “One Night in Bangkok" (although he is entitled to royalties from the song, included on the movie’s soundtrack album). For his cameo in the first film, Tyson was paid $100,000.

To put in context how much he was paid, stars Bradley Cooper, Zack Galiafinakis, and Ed Helms were paid $5,000,000 for the sequel, according to Deadline, a staggering jump from the reported $300,000 they made for the first Hangover film. So Tyson's increase in salary is comparably extremely paltry. As the Smoking Gun notes, "the former heavyweight champ is surely the lowest paid star featured in the sequel." This strikes us as a pretty brave move by Warner Bros. We can't imagine Tyson is happy about this, and he's not someone whose bad side we'd want to be on.

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