The Curious Collaboration of Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain

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Does the Internet's affection for comedian Michael Ian Black outweigh its lack of affection for Meghan McCain? We may soon have an answer, now that the two are teaming up to for a he's-a-Democrat, she's-a-Republican book of political humor, called Stupid for America.

If you think pairing of Black, part of the aggressively too-smart-for-the-room creative team behind Wet Hot American Summer and MTV's The State, and McCain, who parlayed her father's unsuccessful 2008 White House bid into a career in professional punditry, is an odd one, you're not alone. Even the official press release for the project seemed confused. Apparently the two "met each other, hit it off, and then came up with the idea for the book," which, according to Publisher's Weekly, involves them "taking a road trip this summer and 'talking to everyday Americans about politics, to find out why, as the publisher put it, the system is 'so f-ed up.'" (Given Black and McCain's's fondness for social media, we assume this trip will be highly tweeted.)

On Twitter this afternoon, McCain seemed the more enthusiastic of the pair, paradoxically describing it as "something completely crazy, different and weird"and citing PR materials that call it "Chelsea Handler meets Hunter Thompson on a cannonball run across America." Black, besieged by Twitter critics, explained the pairing simply: "Boehner passed."

A good line, but we're guessing publisher De Capo wishes he saved it for after the project's roll out phase. No word yet on a release date, though we assume it will coincide with the 2012 elections.

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