A Voter's Guide to Miami Mayoral Candidate Luther Campbell

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Luther Campbell is an unlikely candidate for a profile in the conservative beltway mag, The Weekly Standard. Yet, there he is: the profanity-prone 50-year-old hip hop legend running for mayor in Miami. He sat down with writer Matt Labash and the results are predictably interesting. For anyone struggling with their ballot choice before the May 24 vote, we've compiled a voter's guide to the Luther for Mayor Campaign:

  • Name: Luther Campbell, otherwise known as "Uncle Luke."
  • Early Background: "He grew up in Liberty City but came from a solid two-parent family, his dad a custodian, his mom a beautician...Luther swept floors, was a cook in a hospital, washed windows until his shoulders ached, did whatever he had to do to find a little extra."
  • Rap Career in Brief: "Since his success with 2 Live Crew (now disbanded), Uncle Luke, as he is known, has been busy: making and losing millions, filing for bankruptcy in 1995, discovering new bestselling acts like H-Town and Pitbull, starring in a VH1 reality show (Luke’s Parental Advisory), and peddling his “urban adult entertainment” Freak Show videos."
  • Notable Achievements: "Campbell has done his part to make the F-word, the B-word, the P-word, and pretty much any other word you can imagine commonplace in our national discourse, such as it is."
  • Political Platform: "He classifies himself as being part of the 'Hip Hop Party,' which seems to entail saying whatever the hell he wants with no particular political allegiance." And the policy stuff ranges from "reducing the property tax to encouraging economic growth to providing affordable housing and more secure communities."
  • What He'd Do as Mayor: At a local event he talks about "how important it is to expunge the records of student athletes who are not convicted of crimes, but who have their mug shots shown on television, thus jeopardizing their scholarships. [The issue] seems to really be bugging him."
  • Demographics of Political Support: He's doing fine with the stripper vote, even though he wants to take their unreported income (cash tips) and tax it to fund youth programs. "The only voting bloc he sees a problem with 'is the strippers who have pimps, because that would be tapping their money.'"
  • Likelihood of Winning: He "might be considered a viable alternative. Or at least he’s not being openly laughed at."

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