James Frey's Reunion with Oprah Is Very Oprah-Centric

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When we heard last month author James Frey would be one of Oprah Winfrey's final guests on her talk show this May, we assumed it was another attempt to wring ratings-life out of her famous unendorsement of Frey's memoir, A Million Little Pieces. We knew Oprah called Frey in 2009 to apologize for the relentlessness of her interview, but the whole thing struck us as iffy. Was if it all a trap?

Apparently it wasn't. The hour-long, pre-taped interview airs today, but from the clips we've seen it looks subdued, weirdly formal, and very Oprah-centric. She tells Frey she didn't watch the 2006 interview when it aired and was taken aback when, the day after the show when Marianne Williamson, who wrote the Oprah Book Club approved A Return To Love, "called me up and said, who do you think you are? Do you think your God? How dare you stand in such judgement of him. Meaning you." (We'd like to imagine her replying, "No, I think I'm Oprah Winfrey.") Then, because it's Oprah, she asks if he ever cried over the incident. (No, he says)

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