Hollywood Still Loves Arnold, Love Child And All

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The revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his household staff (maybe this lady) has put the future of his marriage to Maria Shriver in doubt, but it hasn't lessened Hollywood's affection for Schwarzenegger--or the prospect of bankrolling his comeback projects

A2 Entertainment CEO Andy Heyward tells The Hollywood Reporter that the company isn't making any changes to Schwarzenegger's new superhero extravaganza, The Governator. "A2’s Governator animated series and its lore is fictional and stands on its merits," said Heyward.

 Al Ruddy (The Godfather)  is producing Cry Macho, the horse-trainer-turned--kidnapper-with-a-heart-of-gold script Schwarzenegger chose as his live-action comeback vehicle earlier this month. He voiced similar support, and dismissed the brewing scandal "one of those things no one will remember," The 81 year-old producer then cited past precedent as part of his reasoning. "Bill Clinton went through horrendous things and now he's regarded as one of the most popular president,"  reasoned the 81 year-old producer. "Let he who is free of sin [cast the first stone], right? The only thing that matters is how good the film is. If it fails, they’ll say it’s because of the scandal. If it succeeds, they’ll say in spite of it. It doesn’t matter. The film talks for itself.”

If Hollywood was ever going to kick Arnold out of its house, he'd have to do something really bad. Like Last Action Hero 2



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