Georgina Bloomberg's Novel Is Very Thinly-Veiled

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When we heard that Georgina Bloomberg had written a young adult novel called The A Circuit about the youngest daughter of an idiosyncratic New York City mayor, we assumed it would be a thinly-veiled version of her own experience as the youngest daughter of an idiosyncratic New York City mayor. But just how thinly-veiled? After reading her interview with the New York Times about the book  (co-written by Catherine Hapka, and based on an idea that publisher Bloomsbury says "came from an agent"), we think translucent might be a better word. Among the more notable similarities between author and  protagonist Thomasina Aaronson

Both are the daughters of billionaire New York City mayors

  • Aaronson is the daughter of Rick Aaronson, a Wall Street billionaire who "owns half of New York." Bloomberg's father is Michael Bloomberg. Neither is the ideal political daughter. Georgina actually said the words "I've never been the ideal political daughter," to the Huffington Post in 2008, while Thomasina is described "[isn't] afraid to say no to her father, even if half of Wall Street [is].” Bloomberg is fond of calling his daughter Georgia, while Aaronson shortens Thomasina to Tommie.

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Both have successful and serious older sisters

  • Georgina's older sister Emma is known for playing down her privilege (Emma described her 2005 wedding as "casual and family" despite it's two-level tent and Daniel Boulud's personal catering) while getting involved in her dad's political campaign and civic affairs like the Robin Hood Foundation. The New York Daily News has called her "smart, plugged in, passionate and experienced." Thomasina has one of those too--her name is Callie, described by the fictional New York Times as "an Ivy League graduate with a passion for politics." When the Times mentioned the similarities between Emma and Callie to the author, Georgina "burst into laughter," but then added: "My sister and I are really different: I was always the athlete. She was very good in school.” Speaking of athletics...

Both are part of the horsey set

  • Georgina is a professional show jumper whose choice in careers has earned her injuries (she cracked her spine and suffered a concussion following a fall last year) and the skepticism of her father ("How you make a living doing that, I don’t know," Bloomberg said of her riding last year). Thomasina's an "award-winning equestrian," whose father harbors doubts about her occupation.. At one point, telling "grow up" and get a real job, like a lawyer, or, presumably, a roman a clef novelist.


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