A Farewell to Kristen Wiig's Least Funny Character: Gilly

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Kristen Wiig is bored of Gilly. In an interview with Time, the Saturday Night Live comedian inconspicuously revealed that she'll no longer reprise the frizzy haired schoolgirl in future episodes even if creator Lorne Michaels asks her to. It seems about time, as "good riddance" has been a typical refrain in response to the news.

"It's safe to say Gilly has been one of the more unpopular characters on the show in a while," figured Entertainment Weekly in an obituary for the character. Over a year ago, Gawker described Gilly as "her most annoying, only unfunny character" when the show announced a Christmas special about her. And, tellingly, even Wiig's own mom didn't like Gilly, as sure of a sign as any that she was right to retire her "long before other SNL cast members would," as Time generously observes.

So, since Gilly won't be throwing something at Bill Hader on SNL again, we've compiled a few of the character's more-or-less memorable moments:

  • Gilly Throws 'Chubby Monkey' Ice Cream in Art Class (featuring Drew Barrymore as Gilly's similar relative)

  • Gilly Throws a Milk Carton in Class

  • Gilly Throws a 'Drinkable Yogurt' at the Science Fair

  • Gilly Brings a Bomb as a Christmas Ornament

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