The First Picture of Ed Harris as John McCain

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Let's keep on reliving election 2008. Today, the latest trickle from HBO's forthcoming Game Change has been released: a close-up of Ed Harris stiffly crouching over a podium as candidate John McCain (you can almost hear the "My friends..." refrain).

The TV movie, based on the gossip-for-wonks bestseller of the same name, has already lined up an impressive cast featuring Woody Harrelson as McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt, Melissa Farman as Bristol Palin and Julianne Moore as the Alaskan queen herself. Still no news on the casting of Barack Obama. While we wait for more details, here's the full-sized version provided to Entertainment Weekly of Ed Harris McCain, picturing what appears to be Bristol Palin in the background on the right, and a particularly enthusiastic fan in the left corner:



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