A Couple Characters Aren't Coming Back on 'Mad Men'

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When AMC made a point of listing all of Mad Men's regular players on the network press release announcing show runner Matthew Weiner's new contract last month, we took it as a sign that cutting cast size wasn't one of the "revenue enhancements" agreed upon by Weiner and the network. That was a mistake, according to actress Christina Hendricks, who says "a couple people" have been fired from the show, which begins production on its fifth season in August..

The New York Post highlights the telling quotes, which Hendricks made to the Hollywood Reporter during a roundtable discussion with potential nominees for the Best Actress in a Drama Emmy award. "I was reading all that information along with the general public, I wasn't any more in the loop or anything," explained Hendricks. "A couple people have already been cut out of the show and that was very emotional for me. Every single person is such a contributor and people just love these characters. It seems like such a shame. And it does feel disrespectful when you hear those things."

Who could it be? Not Hendricks, obviously. And not Jon Hamm, since he's directing the season five premiere. And probably not John Slattery, since Hamm made gentle fun of him in the press release announcing his behind-the-camera foray ("I watched Slattery do it, and he handled it with such grace and ability and ease. I figured if he can do it, shit, I can do it too"). Since Hendricks doesn't specify a number, and rumors were circulating during Weiner's standoff with AMC and Lionsgate that he was being asked to axe anywhere from two to six regulars, it could be just about anyone. Let the irresponsible speculation begin! Our money's on Chauncey and Glen.

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