Common Controversy Pushes Jon Stewart Close to the Edge

How do you respond to Fox News when it's a "caricature of [their] own cartoon"?

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We've been hitting the Jon Stewart clips pretty hard this week, but the man is on a roll. Last night he addressed rapper Common's controversial (to Sean Hannity) visit to the White House last night. After noting Hannity had no problem when George W. Bush appeared with cop-hating Johnny Cash in 2002 and defended Ted Nugent after the conservative rocker used obscene and violent words to describe what he'd like to do to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2008, Stewart turned his attention to a recurring Daily Show theme: the hypocrisy of Fox News. How do you call out a netowork that is "beyond a caricature of [their] own cartoon?" With a spoken word rap, of course. We won't spoil it, but we're glad he gave a shout out to Alan Colmes.

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