Comment of the Day: Saving the American Wild Nudist

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Why are young people shying away from the nudist lifestyle? To hear commenter FloridaInternational tell it, zoning issues, not the physiques of elderly naturalists, as yesterday's Quote of the Day suggested, are to blame for fewer twenty-somethings electing to bare all.

I'm a nudist in my early 20's. The answer to recruiting more young nudists is to stop making private clubs the only places one can walk around naked. I'm not going to pay an expensive membership just for the privilege of not wearing clothes.

We need more local governments to zone "clothing-optional" public beaches.

Haldover Park in north Miami is the best beach in Florida, it's a bit more expensive to park at but it's always packed with people of all ages.

Of course the optimal solution is to make all public beaches clothing optional except for specially designated "prudeist" beaches.


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