'Bridesmaids' Now Conquering the World of Blooper Reels

The outtakes of Jon Hamm-Kristen Wiig sex scene are very funny, very NSFW

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Now that Bridesmaids has grossed $64 million (and counting) and given Hollywood compelling evidence that paying audiences are not opposed to female-driven gross out comedies per se, the cast is taking on another one of comedy's sacred traditions--the blooper reel.

Based on the footage we've seen, released through Funny or Die, women are just as good as men at flubbing their lines and improvising non-sequiturs. They might even be better, because this is the first batch of outtakes we've ever seen that's funny for longer than 30 seconds.

They are also NSFW. Very NSFW. Gloriously NSFW. So please, don't watch at work, unless your workplace is tolerant of alarming Jon Hamm sex scenes. Also be advised that the video plays automatically once you enter your birth date (over 18, please!) presumably for maximum embarrassment.

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