Bill O'Reilly Keeps the Common Controversy Alive

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Just when you thought the heated controversy over Common's visit to the White House had started to cool, Bill O'Reilly swoops in to stoke the smoldering embers. Speaking directly to Jon Stewart, the Fox News host offered a a concession to the rapper followed by a swift scolding both to Common and to Stewart for defending him on his show. Okay so the rapper's probably not a bad guy helping children, O'Reilly seems to say, but his support for Joanne Chesimard, former Black Panther and alleged cop killer. (Also known as Assata Shakur, Chesimard is also Tupac's step-aunt.) O'Reilly wants his frenemy Jon Stewart to make an appearance on his show to draw this debate out a little longer. For what it's worth, the whole nontroversy is at least getting friends of Fox News like Sarah Palin to say some pretty funny things.

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