Two Very Different Takes on Making 'Scream 4'

Depending on which you read it was a dream, or a disaster

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Before you go and believe those rumors about the Scream 4 shoot being a tense and disorganized nightmare, you should know that none of that bad stuff is included in Jonah Weiner's new New York Times feature on the movie, which opens in theaters Friday. Does that mean all those rewrites and reshoots didn't really happen? Hard to say. We've paired the Times article with Entertainment Weekly's recent cover story (not accessible on their website) to see just how much red meat the Grey Lady left out.

How writer Kevin Williamson came up with the idea for a new installment

"A few years ago, on vacation, Mr. Williamson began imagining another Scream, almost as a lark." - NYT

"Williamson was overseeing his series The Vampire Diaries for CW when he suddenly had a spark of inspiration for a new Scream...[He was] so inspired that he had already pieced together plots for Scream 5 and Scream 6 when he finally called [Producer Bob] Weinstein in the fall of 2009." - EW

Those whispers about on-set turmoil

"Arguments intensified over the months and ultimately came to a head:...[Producer Harvey Weinstein] and Williamson have not spoken since [an argument over rewrites last spring]. At the time he was interviewed, Williamson still had not seen the finished film." - EW

"[nada]" - TheĀ Times

Plans for future installments

"A fifth and sixth movie are in the offing, provided Scream 4 performs well." - NYT

"Craven has learned from his Scream 4 experience and now has his own rule for survival: he'll need to see a finished script for Scream 5 before he signs up" - EW

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