The Today Show Gives Donald Trump a Birther Platform

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Meredith Vieira, who some reports say will leave The Today Show when her contract expires at the end of the year (though NBC is denying it) possibly because producers want to make room for Katie Couric. But she's still on the job, and today interviewed fellow NBC employee Donald Trump, the suddenly serious GOP candidate.

It was not a tough interview. Not only did she let him get away with boasting about his skill at building  "great company" despite filing for bankruptcy on multiple occasions, she also indulged his birther platform that has propelled him in the polls. This in particular made Time television critic James Poniewozik uneasy. By letting Trump repeat "the claim that Obama's grandmother said she saw him born in Kenya—an old, and long-debunked, chestnut of birthers that ranks up there with the fake Mombassa birth certificate--without questioning it. So now millions of Today viewers are invited to take it as fact." Here's the segment:


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