'Three Cups of Tea' Publisher Launches Review of Mortenson

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As news surfaced over the weekend about a 60 Minutes report questioning the accuracy of Greg Mortenson's best-seller, Three Cups of Tea, the book's publisher, Viking, stayed silent, saying only that it depended on its authors "to tell the truth, and they are contractually obligated to do so" Now, according to The New York Times, Viking has announced that it will review the book with Mortenson, noting that "60 Minutes is a serious news organization." The Times interprets the statement as a "strong signal" that Viking "is not convinced of the accuracy of Mr. Mortenson's book."

The 60 Minutes report found that Mortenson arrived in the Pakistani village of Korphe in 1994 rather than after his failed climb of K2 a year earlier, as Mortenson claimed in his book. Mortenson has stood by his account so far but conceded that it was based on a "compressed version of events" and that the Pakistani villagers whose kindness inspired him to build schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan "have a completely different notion about time." 

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