Royal Wedding Headline Fatigue: Final Day of Bliss

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The royal wedding went off without a hitch in London today. While the pageantry, history, and terrible hats influenced much of the coverage, media outlets continued to come up with new ways to frame the story, even in its final hours.

"The unhappiest little royal guest" -- Styleite

Three-year-old Grace van Cutsem, the frowning child pictured above, was one of Kate Middleton's bridesmaids. What Shephard Smith would have said if he saw her at this moment will always be one of the great What-if? questions in television history.

"Lip reader deciphers secret wedding whispers" -- ABC News

The Associated Press had a lip reader standing by to relay what the participants were saying in unmic'd moments, while also taking pains to note none of her information could be verified. As a result, the world will never know if Kate's first words to Williams in the royal carriage were really "Are you happy now?" or why in the world William said "I want to see the plane" while standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

"Dan Rather criticizes royal wedding coverage" -- USA Today

In a column for The Huffington Post, Rather scolded the media for covering "silliness" rather than Real Issues like Libya, the economy, and "the diagnosis of a medical condition that could kill them and bankrupt their family." (But more on that at 11.)

"But will it last?" -- Time

Royal divorce headline fatigue starts ... now.

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