Norman Mailer's Apartment Can Be Yours for $2.5 Million

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Three years after Norman Mailer's death, the author's Brooklyn Heights loft is up for sale. The asking price is $2.5 million, which seems reasonable for a slice of literary history that also has three bedrooms, two baths and a view (but no doorman). No word on whether Mailer's unironic love of boxing and Marilyn Monroe is included. Here's a tour of the apartment, with assistance from some memorable Mailer titles. (All photos from The Corcoran Group.)

The loft's full city views are straight out of an American dream.







According to the Corcoran Group, Mailer designed the tri-level loft in "in the early 1960's to reflect a nautical theme." That's evident from the second-level floor plan, with little space that could be described big or empty.








Mailer's study breaks from the nautical theme, instead resembling the kind of country in that might be haunted by Harlot's ghost.

Here's the complete floorplan. Washer and drier are included, so you won't have to sing the executioner's song for quarters on laundry day.


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