Michael Moore Sues Weinstein Brothers Over Unpaid Money

That said, he still thinks the Weinsteins are good guys

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Michael Moore is suing Bob and Harvey Weinstein over money he says he is owed for Farenheit 911, and has told the New York Post he has no intention of settling. The filmmaker alleges that he is owed at least $2.7 million because he and the Weinsteins were supposed to split the film's profits, but that he hasn't been paid all he is due because of "financial deception" and "bogus accounting methods." Moore had been in discussions with the Weinsteins about another film, but those negotiations stopped once he moved forward with the lawsuit. Despite the legal drama between the three, Moore still thinks highly of the brothers. "He and Bob have been nothing but a force for good for indie filmmakers ... I hold no ill will, and for now am just blaming all of this on his accountants and business-affairs people," said Moore. He also said that he'd like to work with the brother's again, but judging by the Weinsteins (well, at least Harvey's) propensity to hold grudges that might not happen anytime soon.

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