Comment of the Day: The New Yorker Caption Contest Record Holder

Claims he broke his own record by penning the winning New Yorker caption once more

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Today, after 107 tries, Roger Ebert finally won The New Yorker's venerable weekly caption contest. But the contest's all-time champ is still Chicago attorney Larry Wood, who won a record three times. Or so we thought, until Mr. Wood apparently showed up in our comments section to set the record straight:

You're right about my being a "rank and file lawyer for a non-profit legal aid organization," but you're wrong about my caption contest record. Since the June 2009 Chicago Tribune article (to which you provide a link in your story) announcing my third victory, I have won a fourth contest. (I have also been a finalist in a contest I didn't win.) In any event, it's a thrill to see my name in The Atlantic. Thanks for mentioning me.

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