Kissingers on 'Kennedys'; CNN on Lockdown

Also in your morning filter of the gossip columns: Tina Fey is pregnant

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The Kissingers can't find the Kennedys, Russell Brand can't find the "normal" button, and the cops can't find Jason Schwartzman. It's a lost and lonely Smart Set.

  • Regardless of its lukewarm reviews, the Kissnigers can't wait to watch the Kennedys. As Henry Kissinger spoke to an audience at the New York Society for Ethical Culture on Monday, his wife complained to a small group that she had sought in vain for the premiere of the miniseries on television the previous night, but couldn't find the channel. When Henry joined the conversation he said he, too, was eager to catch the show. [Page Six]
  • If Kim Cattral is a gossip reporter's nightmare, Russell Brand is more like one of those surreal dreams you get when you eat too much right before bed. When a New York Daily News reporter interviewed him, "he considerately brushed her hair away from her eyes — and then shook her by the shoulders as he said that getting punched in the face by his co-star Helen Mirren 'is like fellatio from another woman.' " [Gatecrasher]
  • Tina Fey is pregnant, the 30 Rock star and creator told Oprah Winfrey during a taping of Oprah's yesterday. The star is five months along with her second child, her representative later confirmed to People. Could that have anything to do with the recent rumor that 30 Rock was ending? Probably not. She did start the show with a newborn, after all. [People]
  • Jason Schwartzman, who plays a detective on TV, got mistaken for a suspect in real life. The New York Post got a few reports from West Village residents who saw copies of its own cover featuring a police sketch of Schwartzman. Turns out they, and the news stand that displayed them, were props for the show itself. [Page Six]
  • CNN staffers in Los Angeles got a scare yesterday when their building was locked down after a threat. Police got a call from a man who said his son had threatened to "open fire on staffers." The building stayed locked down as police searched for the suspect, described as “a disheveled looking, transient man [who] has made threats to harm himself and as many other people as possible.” TMZ reported that the suspect may have been using the threat to blackmail his dad into giving him some money. Whether it worked or not is unknown, but there's no report of an arrest. [TMZ]
  • A small group of lawmakers who moonlight as musicians is recording a track for next week's GRAMMYs on the Hill awards, a music-industry lobbying tool. Joe Crowley, Ted Deutch, Tom Rooney and Linda Sanchez will join on the recording, but the interesting thing isn't what will come out of their mouths but rather what will adorn them. Their producer, James McKinney, presented each with a faux-gold grill, just like Lil Wayne. [Reliable Source]
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