Julia Louis-Dreyfus Becomes HBO's 'Veep'

She'll play the Vice President in a new political comedy

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This could work: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the star of a D.C.-centric HBO comedy. As Deadline reports, the New Adventures of Old Christine star has been tapped to play an in-over-her-head Vice President who learns that the "that the job is nothing like she expected." And, naturally, she learns to get along with "young and clueless" spokespeople and "weathered" D.C. politicos.

We're not quite sure if the still-in-the-early-stages-of-development Veep is supposed to be satire or sitcom-y, as the plot details appear to be a tad thin at the moment. However, it is created by In the Loop's Armando Iannucci and produced, in part, by New York's Frank Rich. And it's hitting subscriber-only TV screens in 2012. Exciting. Right, wonks?

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