James O'Keefe Sings and Dances in the Name of Citizen Journalism

After bringing down the CEO of NPR, what do you do for a follow-up act?

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After bringing down the CEO of National Public Radio, what do you do for a follow-up act? If you're conservative wunderkind James O'Keefe, you star in a seven-minute music video with somewhat involved choreography and auto-tuned lyrics about sticking it to the man. Before you check the date on this story, we'll remind you: April Fool's Day was a few weeks ago.

O'Keefe is nothing if not a provocateur. In 2009, he dressed up as a pimp to seek business advice from ACORN; the following year, he was arrested for trying to enter the offices of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu under false pretenses; and a few months ago, he may or may not have tried to fake-seduce a CNN correspondent on a houseboat filled with sex props. All of which is to say, he's obviously comfortable with being the center of attention.

But this new video, which makes repeated reference to the Landrieu incident (including a dancefloor interlude where O'Keefe puts the moves on a Landrieu impersonator), may not attract the kind of attention O'Keefe wants. Colby Hall at Mediaite writes that "this video confirms what many likely already thought: James O'Keefe is a delusional attention-seeker whose interest in self-promotion lacks normal (any?) self-awareness." Meanwhile, Wonkette slugs their item about the video as "Things You Can Never Unsee."

O'Keefe was recently the subject of a not-terribly-flattering profile in Playboy (you can see it here, or check out Mediaite's takeaways if you'd rather not have Playboy's cheesecake ads on your screen). And the music video starts off with about two solid minutes of clips of people criticizing O'Keefe. So maybe this video was meant to raise his stock in the public eye.

We're reminded of that time Julian Assange appeared on "Rap News." Everyone took him more seriously after that, right?

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