Next Up: HBO Renews a Show Before It Actually Premieres

Could they have pounced on Game of Thrones any quicker?

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Game of Thrones only premiered Sunday night, but HBO has already announced the $60 million fantasy series will be back for a second season. The Tuesday-after-the-premiere renewal is emerging as the network's preferred method of announcing return engagements for its pricey new series--in September, the network announced Boardwalk Empire's second season the Tuesday after the $50 million gangster show debuted.

Considering only 2.2 million people watched the Game of Thrones premiere, compared to 4.2 million for Boardwalk Empire, with disastrous critical reception, we're not exactly sure why the network seems intent is doubling down on the fantasy show so quickly. After all, they waited a whole week before renewing The Sopranos for a second season back in 1999. Maybe they really do believe in magic.

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