Harvard Class of 2015: Tiger Mom's Daughter and Nobody Else

Sweet vindication for Amy Chua's 'chinese mother' parenting style

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Yale law professor Amy Chua took her share of lumps earlier this year over Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, her manifesto on how the strict "Chinese" style of parenting produces succesful, smart, and driven children. When she explained in a Wall Street Journal editorial about how her daughters weren't allowed to watch TV, attend sleepovers, perform in school school plays, or get 'B's in school, she seemed less like a mom and more like a warden at a minimum security prison.

The news from the Above The Law blog this afternoon that Chua's 18-year-old daughter Sophia was accepted to Harvard this week won't make Tiger Mom any more likeable, but it might go long way in some circles towards validating her parenting philosophy. The Harvard Crimson reports that "an all-time low of 6.2 percent of applicants were offered admission to the Harvard College Class of 2015, beating records for the sixth consecutive year." Fellow Ivies Cornell and Yale received a similar surge in applicants. But Chua's kids, lest we forget, were trained for this.

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