Gaga Restaurant Workers Grumble, Spawning Awful Headlines

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Employees at the New York City restaurant briefly co-owned by Lady Gaga's parents, with Gaga herself as a "silent partner investor," say they didn't get paid for three weeks before the eatery shuttered abruptly on March 1. They've reportedly brought the dispute to the state labor department, and the story is already spawning gratuitous "bad romance" headlines.

A waiter told New York City local news site that the closure of the 23-year-old Italian joint came as a surprise when employees showed up for work on March 1 to find the doors locked. "Since then, he and other employees haven't been able to get an explanation about why the restaurant closed or whether it would open again, he said." That, of course, means the employees are in a "bad romance with the eatery's owner." Exaggerated wink.

News broke in November that Lady Gaga, originally from the Upper West Side, invested in the restaurant with her parents. The headline in the New York Post (Lady Gaga's Over Eatery) was uninspired. But when the 23-year-old Vince & Eddies shuttered it spawned a handful of tortured song references. Let's hope, for the sake of the city tabloids' copy desks, these workers get paid up as soon as possible (the owner said he would pay them next week).

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