Fey and Martin Match Wits; Rupert Targets Formula One

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Tina Fey and Steve Martin battle technical difficulties, Andrew Breitbart holds a grudge, and Joe Zee gets a security detail.


  • Tina Fey and Steve Martin appeared together on stage at the Nokia Theater last night to discuss their new books, but logistical problems put a bit of a damper on the event. "[A] lot of people [were] still outside in line at the 8 o'clock call time," and when the performers took the stage, the audio was distorted, prompting Fey to "just hold her lav mic because of all the noise it was picking up." That didn't deter the very pregnant Fey from staying afterwards to sign "hundreds" of copies of her new memoir, Bossypants. [LAobserved]
  • Elle creative director and All on the Line host Joe Zee had to beef up his security detail after a spurned participant on his Sundance reality show began sending  "hundreds of angry e-mails." and "about 25 text messages a day." The sender, a would-be fashionisto named Kevin David Rose, blames Zee for convincing All on the Line contestant Gemma Kahng to fire him as creative director of her fashion line. Rose admits to "completely freaking out" and sending the messages, which included suicide threats, but now says he's now in therapy. Zee is still accompanied by extra security when he goes on-set or to the Elle offices. [Page Six]
  • Rupert Murdoch and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim are considering a joint takeover of Formula One Motor Racing. News Corp. brass has been talking to F1 sponsors for weeks now, and and wants to expand the sport's cable television presence. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Andrew Breitbart is apparently still angry at Glenn Beck over the Shirley Sherrod controversy from last summer. Sherrod, a former agriculture department employee, appeared to have made racially inflammatory remarks in an excerpt of a speech Breitbart posted to his website. When people saw the entire speech, it was clear the remarks were taken out of context, with Beck calling on Breitbart to apologize. "He threw me under the bus," groused Breitbart in a new interview. [NYO]
  • Chloe Malle, 25-year-old daughter of actress Candice Bergen and French director Louis Malle, is Vogue magazine's new social editor. She'll be in charge of the magazine's society and fashion front-of-book section. [Daily Intel]

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