Everyone's Bored of Sex

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Add another demographic to the growing list of people that don't care about sex anymore. This time it's women over 30. In today's New York Times Style section, author Meg Wolitzer writes that women over 30 aren't having sex anymore, and are totally okay with it:

The biological imperative for sex had receded, and was now as distant as the memory of, say, once having gone to Epcot with one’s parents (you know you were there because of the snapshots of you and your family in lederhosen; just as, in the case of sex, you know you once prolifically and creatively partook, because you — or perhaps, horribly, your children — have unearthed from a drawer a tiny bottle of some dried gray substance called Love Pollen, older even than the Robitussin PE that haunts your medicine cabinet.) Suddenly, being touched by one’s husband or partner could seem so ... last year.

Wolitzer points out that there's nothing wrong with the decision of women, and sometimes men, to say no to sex. After all, everyone is allowed to say no if they aren't ready for something. And sometimes it's not even a matter of not being ready, sometimes people just need time to themselves, to figure things out. "No is like being in graduate school," Wolitzer writes, "you’re allowed to think for a while, and not be in the world." Forgoing sex might be strange to some, but for others it's just right.

But yes, no one cares about sex anymore. As Wolitzer notes, her article comes after a New York Observer piece about the latest generation of hipsters' increasing disinterest in sex and another in New York magazine about how pornography has turned men off of real sex (not to mention news that the teen birthrate has hit a record low). But maybe there's another reason for all this, as Wolitzer points out. After all, we do live in a time with more distracting stimuli than ever before. There are text messages to send, Twitter feeds to constantly refresh, DVRed television shows to watch, and even books--like Wolitzer's recently released The Uncoupling--to read. With all that going on, who has time to have sex?

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