Comment of the Day: Yes, There Are Still '30 Rock' Fans

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Fans of NBC's 30 Rock got a scare today when Alec Baldwin mused that the entire production would end its run after its 2011-2012 season. That turned out to be a tad premature. Still, it made for a few moments of reflection for devotees of Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and the rest.

Here's the straightforward pre-obituary for 30 Rock by Wire commenter Sardonic:

Am I the only one who STILL looks forward to each episode? Perhaps the show is just for married couples in their 40’s as I really enjoy Kenneth’s stories about life in the South and Jenna’s quirkiness. It’s humorous watching Tracy Morgan play himself, and although Alec Baldwin is a devout democrat, his character’s crazy impressions and twisted views about Obama, is just too funny. Will Arnett and Baldwin’s rivalry is a plus as well as well as the interaction between Matt Damon’s and Tina Fey’s characters. (I didn’t know and/or realize that Fey mimicking Sarah Palin hurt the show.) 


Currently, I’m not tired of watching 30-Rock and will miss it when it’s off the air.

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