The Show That Was Like Getting Shot by Your Bride

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Today, the Wire took a look at the latest television fad, The Killing. "What is it about police procedurals set in the Pacific Northwest that divide television critics?" Ray Gustini asked, pointing to the 1990s show Twin Peaks as a prime example. (We'd throw out X-Files, too, though that was only filmed near Vancouver.) Commenter kindasorta didn't have an answer, exactly, but he/she certainly did take a stand on Twin Peaks:

Twin Peaks was like being engaged to the person of your dreams, only for him or her to shoot you inexplicably in the stomach on your wedding night.

The more it revealed, the worse it got. That's why Lost was at its best when nobody really understood why the Hatch was there, or who the Others were.

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This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.