The Cast of HBO's 'Game Change' So Far

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The 2008 election lives on in newly trickled details of HBO's upcoming Game Change adaptation. The movie, based on the gossip-for-wonks bestseller of the same name, has just added their Bristol Palin: Melissa Farman of brief Lost fame. Like the book, the film will focus on strategic underpinnings of John McCain's sinking campaign after he claims the Republican nomination and taps a hitherto unknown Alaskan Governor as his V.P. pick. If you recall, things didn't go too well from there.

The release date of the Jay Roach-directed TV film hasn't yet been announced, although the Hollywood Reporter has released a decent pre-release picture of Julianne Moore in Sarah Palin garb. For a little more context, here's a side-by-side comparison of the politicos with their Hollywood counterparts:

Woody Harrelson, cast as McCain senior adviser Steve Schmidt:

Melissa Farman will be HBO's teen sensation Bristol Palin:

A grumpy-looking Ed Harris will be portraying a grumpier John McCain:

And the casting of the eventual president himself, Barack Obama, remains unknown:

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