All the News That's Fit for 'Law & Order': Giffords, Sheen and Spidey

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Even by executive producer Dick Wolf's standards, the Law & Order franchises have been ripped a lot of plots from the headlines in recent months. Tiger Woods, the Duke University sex list, the Grim Sleeper murders, and the death of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen have all inspired episodes of Law & Order: Los Angeles and Law & Order: SVU this season. Other familiar stories that will soon be getting the Law & Order treatment

"Rispetto" (Charlie Sheen)

Jay Mohr will play "Charlie Sheen-type bad boy" Nyle Brite on the May 1 season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The Brite character is a fashion designer, not a TV star, but he shares the actor's (alleged) appetite for the "cocaine benders and call girl-populated parties" that help drive his fame. Then someone gets killed at one of his parties and Vincent D'Onofrio shows up to solve the crime.

"Icarus" (Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark)

Criminal Intent is also turning its attention to Broadway's most troubled superhero musical, which they're calling Icarus. The production's female director is described as "high-strung and larger-than-life," not unlike ousted Spider-Man director Julie Taymor. (The producers have also made the character a drunk and a born-again Christian, just to spice things up.) In the role of Spider-Man composer Bono, writers have fashioned 'Arno', a "secretly bisexual rock-star composer who’s cheating on the missus with a colleague."

Title unknown (Gabrielle Giffords)

Entertainment Weekly reports Law & Order: Los Angeles started filming Monday on an episode "where a female state senator is gunned down in a public setting," which obviously echoes the circumstances of the Giffords shooting in January. The Arizona Republic says the episode will be used as the season finale for Law & Order: Los Angeles.

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