Aflac Finds a New Duck Voice

After a very public process the company chooses a Gottfried replacement

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Aflac has finally found somebody with a voice as harsh and grating as Gilbert Gottfried's, but with an inoffensive Twitter account. The company announced today it had found a new actor to play the part of the Aflac spokesduck, whose trademark quack -- once voiced by Gottfried -- has been silent since the comedian was fired for tweeting a series of jokes about Japan after the earthquake and tsunami there.

The company, which derives 75 percent of its revenue from Japan, ran a very public competition for Gottfried's replacement. It held auditions online and in six cities over the last few weeks. Finally, the Aflac powers that be alighted on Dan McKeague, a sales manager for two radio stations in Minneapolis and a father of three. According to New York Times media blogger Stuart Elliot, the 36-year-old executive has "also performed voice-over work in commercials for local advertisers." He probably hasn't been called upon to sound this bad in past jobs, but McKeague can clearly rise to the challenge. Hear him quack in this Aflac video.

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