Six Things We Learned from Gwyneth and Jay-Z's Interview

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Gwyneth Paltrow's much-maligned celebrity "lifestyle" blog Goop is finally getting some company, now that rapper Jay-Z has launched Life + Times. While Goop at least features an admirable assortment of diet tips you would never, ever act on, Life + Time looks mainly like a photo gallery of all the famous people its proprietor knows. The two Internet pioneers took time off from being famous to interview each other about each other. Half the transcript was posted to Goop, while the other half went up at Life + Times. Here are the major reveals.

1. Each loves the other's lifestyle blog "It's fresh" Jay-Z says of Goop.. For her part, she says Life + Times is "incredible, aesthetically, culturally..." (Note: That ellipsis isn't ours. That's how her quote ends.)

2. They go to museums...together! Not only that, Paltrow also says they eat meals and listen to music together. It's unclear if those meals are actual meals, or juice diet meals. (Which is to say, juice.)

3. She knows all the words to Straight Outta Compton Even though, as she admits, "I had no real understanding of it in terms of the culture that it was emanating from."

4. His editorial vision is kind of confusing What will Life + Times cover? Well, hm. Jay-Z says he already has "a basic metric for what we cover" but, that's not much help, since he also says "more importantly, I believe it's how we cover [a story]" that matters. As for the content on the site,  he's pretty much fine with anything, so long as it "let[s] the subject speak for itself" and "pique[s] my interest."

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5. She's very interested in his "favorite spot to be leisurely" Just one of the many questions she includes in the rapid-fire portion of the interview. Jay-Z responds, "My favorite spot to be leisurely is wherever family, friends, good food and wine are," which seems reasonable.

6. She might make a solo album... or she may not Because Paltrow performed her own songs for Country Strong, is in the middle of a guest spot of Glee, and talks pretty much constantly about how much she loves to sing, some people--like Jay-Z--wonder if the actress will pursue a recording career. On this question, she wouldn't even give a straight answer to her fellow celebrity lifestyle blogger. "Would I ever make a solo album? Should I? Never say never."

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