Victoria Jackson: Secular Humanists Are Stealing Our Innocence

Former 'SNL' star pushes back against criticism

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Victoria Jackson, former Saturday Night Live star turned right-wing media personality, doubled down on her rhetoric about Glee's "sickening" gay kiss scene during an appearance on Headline News Tuesday. She argues at various points that "the Muslims hate God and the gays hate his word" and "secular humanism rules the airwaves and [is] stealing the innocence of a whole generation of children."

Of course, these days there's an actual "Council" for secular humanism, this scary thing stealing children's innocence, so we decided to check out their website and see if they had anything. From their section on ethics:

Morality that is not God-based need not be antisocial, subjective, or promiscuous, nor need it lead to the breakdown of moral standards. Although we believe in tolerating diverse lifestyles and social manners, we do not think they are immune to criticism. Nor do we believe that any one church should impose its views of moral virtue and sin, sexual conduct, marriage, divorce, birth control, or abortion, or legislate them for the rest of society.

That doesn't look too scary to us. In fact, the Council for Secular Humanism's list of "distinguished secularists and humanists who have demonstrated moral principles in their personal lives and works" is pretty dry, tempering the inclusion of Darwin and Margaret Sanger with folks like Spinoza, Thomas Paine, and George Eliot. Still, secular humanism probably isn't going to lose its place as right-wing bogeyman anytime soon, no matter how comical the thought of Thomas Paine stealing a kid's innocence.

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