The World According to Jason Patric

He hates Ashley Judd, Lady Gaga and slipping standards

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We like Jason Patric. He was great in Narc, Lost Boys retains a specific type of greatness, and After Dark, My Sweet is an underrated thriller. But none of his past credits could have prepared us for his new Q&A with Kevin Gray at New York magazine's Vulture blog.

The ostensible subject of the interview is Patric's revival of That Championship Season, the Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by his late father, Academy Award nominee Jason Miller. Instead, Patric goes rogue, speaking about fame, work, and the aging process in honest, unadorned terms, By turns hopeful, frustrated, and respectful of his profession, Patric even finds time to kindle two celebrity feuds by the time the interview is up. It's safe to say no other actor plugging a project this year will be this honest, frustrating, and informative. Some of the more compelling excerpts:

Slipping Standards How has film acting changed over the past 25 years? People are now taking on projects they find boring. The worst part, says Patric, is that nobody finds this problematic

Early, the movies I was interested in, people’s work is what propelled their career. That has changed vastly, immeasurably. It started to change when I started and now it absolutely makes no sense of difference whatsoever. Doesn’t matter if you have talent. Doesn’t matter what you’ve done before and, frankly, the people with a lot of talent don’t give a [expletive] if they make crappy movies for money because it’s actually more respected than their better movies.

The Theater...It All Depends Not all theater is created equal. For every good play, there's a production Cat on a Hot Tin Roof co-starring Ashley Judd as female co-star.

Look, you get to do Tennessee Williams on Broadway every twenty years of your life. And I loved playing the role and I loved the majority of my cast, but I had issues with the producers, I had issues with the director. I loved saying the words and working with most of the people every night. I didn’t like my leading lady. Ashley is just a lazy and arrogant actress. Let’s just leave it at that.

The Tabloids No stranger to gossip sheet intrigue, Patric isn't convinced celebrity sex sells anything. Unless the scandal involves you, you're likely to beas bored by it as anyone else

I don’t know these editors of these magazine, so they honestly think we care about Brangelina? We don’t. Not just me, nobody cares. No. Body. Cares.

Lady Gaga He is not a fan. Not at all.

This Lady Gaga is absolutely preposterous. This is, what? You take a [expletive] in a Cuisinart and put some pasties and get Auto-Tuned and look who I am. Well nothing, you’ve been marketed, that’s all. If I was a musician maybe I’d get angry about it, but it's just like, what? Again, just turn the page.

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