So That's What Radiohead Meant By 'Newspaper Album'

The band is actually distributing a free newspaper called 'Universal Sigh'

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When Radiohead abruptly released their newest album King of Limbs, they billed it as the "world's first Newspaper Album."

Everyone loved the idea, but no one really had any clue what the band meant by that typically cryptic statement. Was it referencing the large sheets of artwork that were going to accompany the physical edition of the record? A nod to the free distribution of music through British newspapers? Or how about a concept album provoking "thought of a periodical judged by its articles rather than the merit of the overall publication"? These were all theories that were floating around, and no one really got an answer until today.'s another nifty marketing ploy. To accompany the physical release of the King of Limbs, the band will be giving away a newspaper called The Universal Sigh at vendors in the UK and U.S. Apparently the content of the newspaper will not just be album artwork, although the actual content of the paper is unclear. Naturally, Pitchfork has noted that a copy is already on sale on eBay though.

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