A Guide to Charlie Sheen Impressions (Vote for Your Favorite)

How do you like your Charlie Sheen?

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The only people more overexposed than Charlie Sheen these days are the folks who try to impersonate Charlie Sheen for comedic effect. Last night, Dana Carney even offered a tutorial on Sheen impressions on The Late Show. As it turns out, there's a lot more to a Charlie Sheen impersonation than shouting "Tiger blood!" over and over and over. So we decided to lay some of the options side by side. Here are five of the more uncanny embodiments of the actor's new persona. Vote for your favorite at the bottom:

Dana Carvey

During his SNL days, Carvey channeled George H.W. Bush, Ross Perot, and an angry old man with ease. Little wonder that he appeared on The Late Show last night with the goal of teaching America (and David Letterman) how to do a proper Charlie Sheen impersonation. We do wonder about Carvey's stated formula of "half Jack Nicholson, half Johnny Carson"--isn't that how you do a Christian Slater?

Bill Hader

Saturday Night Live's incumbent celebrity impersonator showed off his own "Charlie Sheen" several weeks ago. If you can get past the bottom-of-the-barrel SNL framing device (look who has his own talk show!) and the overabundance of "Winning!" jokes, Hader makes a strong case for the title.

Jimmy Fallon

No celebrity impersonator has seen his stock tise more over the past year than Jimmy Fallon. Building off the momentum of his "Neil Young" singing a duet with Bruce Springsteen in November, Fallon fashions a highly credible Sheen. It also helps that he's working with better material than any of the other contenders on this list.

Jerry O'Connell

The dark horse candidate. O'Connell doesn't have the extensive comedy background of the other would-be Sheens, but he's a good sport, as witnessed by his participation in Kangaroo Jack. In this video from Funny or Die, he shows himself to be a surprisingly credible mimic.

Charlie Sheen

Nothing beats the original. Sheen proved this last night during an impromptu Jimmy Kimmel Live cameo last night. Could it have ended with anything but a kiss?

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