Romance, Lost Tickets, and Other Memorable Oscar After-Party Moments

The party reports are in--hide your finger food!

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Because of the time change and lateness of the proceedings, reports on Oscar after-parties don't make their way back east until Tuesday. This is how they got their celebrity gossip in stagecoach times. With a full report on what transpired at each of the major after-parties, we feel comfortable bringing you this list of the highlights. Would you believe Franco managed to screw something else up?

Who Was Spotted Canoodling?

US magazine reports Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts were "clearly smitten" with each other at the Elton John party, but New York magazine cautions us that's only because they were busy "planning their next move: The Vanity Fair party, the one that even celebs want to crash." Jake Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, was seen talking to ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift at the Vanity Fair party, but it didn't look like a fun conversation to observers. "It didn't look like they were engaging in idle party chatter," report People's Sara Hammel and Jennifer Garcia. "Gurlfriend wanted some answers," notes Perez Hilton, "and wasn't taking no for [an] answer!" Also at the Vanity Fair party, Justin Bieber kissed new girlfriend Selena Gomez. On the lips!

Elton John's Viewing Party--Great or Lame?

On the one hand, it was over by 11 pm, tickets cost $5000, and you weren't actually at the ceremony. Oh, and the bar ran out of wine. But it was still the only party in town where John and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine performed a duet of Tiny Dancer. That has to be worth something.

Where Was James Franco?

If Franco was underwhelming as Oscars co-host, he was downright abysmal as an after-party host. Originally scheduled to throw his own bash at Supper Club, Franco left early, informing guests of his departure by tweeting a picture of a plane with 'Time to get back to class' written across the front. Stars like Seth Rogen and Kevin Spacey didn't get the memo, and showed up a party where the only other boldfaced names were the cast of 90210. A source told US magazine that the party was a "bust." Kind of like everything Franco did Sunday.

Who Does That Anne Hathaway Think She Is?
The host people liked almost didn't get admitted to the Governors Ball after she misplaced her ticket to the Governors Ball. The New York Post reports security even moved her to the menacing sounding 'resolution desk' before her identity was confirmed.

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