Thank NCAA: Richmond Admissions Site Sees 48 Percent More Traffic

The NCAA tournament sparks interest not only in the team, but the school, too

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All eyes are on Richmond, the Virginia city that currently boasts two teams in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA basketball tournament. The University of Richmond, in particular, looks like it might benefit from all the hype even if the Spiders don't win the championship. Darren Rovell of CBS's Sports Biz discovered today that not only has the basketball team's homepage seen a 32 percent hike in daily traffic since the start of the tournament, but 48 percent more people have been checking out Richmond's admission site.

The private liberal arts school accepts around 3,000 undergraduates a year. The spike in interest in the university has yet to have a clear effect on Richmond's application intake. Who knows, though? The school's 33 percent acceptance rate may get a little tougher.

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