Yes, You Can Fly a House Pixar-Style

National Geographic creates a balloon-powered flying house

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A few summers ago when Pixar's Up melted the hearts of American moviegoers, science and explainer blogs were buzzing over the prominently featured, helium-balloon powered flying house. At the time, Wired magazine guessed  that it would take 105,854 of balloons each with a volume of 14.1 cubic feet to lift that little yellow house. Pixar co-director Pete Docter and his team figured that it would take many more: something like 23.5 million party balloons.

Recently, a team of National Geographic engineers decided that "it's probably close to impossible to fly a real house." But a specially-crafted lightweight house? They tried attaching 300 high-powered helium balloons, and were apparently quite successful in flying it around. Watch below:

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