Can Julianne Moore Play a Better Palin Than Tina Fey?

The Oscar-nominated actress will star as Palin in an adaptation of the book Game Change

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Move over Tina Fey, the next celebrity to imitate Sarah Palin is four-time Oscar-nominee Julianne Moore. Moore (The Kids Are Alright, Boogie Nights) will star as Palin for the upcoming HBO adaptation of the bestselling book Game Change by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. Do you think she'll make a good fit? Here are some initial reactions:

"An interesting choice!" observes Richard Lawson at Gawker:

Moore doesn't often play real people (the last one was murdered incestuous socialite Barbara Baekeland) and, as a colleague pointed out, her accent work is spotty at best, but she has got a certain flinty warmth in common with our future Tea Queen.

Could be good for both Moore and Tina Fey, writes the Jarret Weiselman at The New York Post:

The news must not only come as good news to Tina Fey, who can finally redirect all Palin questions towards another celebrity, but also to Julianne who can use the opportunity to master another awkward accent.

Either way, Palin won't be happy, notes Juana Summers at Politico:

The real Palin was no fan of the book, which portrayed her as vapid and unprepared for the national spotlight, and criticized it as inaccurate.

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