Larry King May Become a Daily Show Contributor

Well this would be an interesting pairing

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Last fall, Jon Stewart appeared on Larry King Live and told the venerable host point-blank that CNN was "terrible." Rather than folding under the pressure of Stewart's barrage, King took it in stride. He gently chided Stewart, "we've been around a while so you should be proud to be here" while also seeming to acknowledge the flaws of the tanking network even as he was about to leave it for good.

Now King may wind up making occasional appearances on Stewart's show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-time cable news host may become a contributor on Daily Show—meaning that he could potentially play a Lewis Black-type character on the Comedy Central staple. It's not a done deal yet, the Reporter cautions: "Insiders stressed that it's very early in the process and there is always a possibility that talks could come to naught." But if the deal does go through, it might be an unlikely pairing that just might work.

Example A: Watch Larry King trying to peddle his memoir in a guest spot. Stewart makes fun of everything about the book (the unwieldy font, the content) and King wisely decides not to go toe-to-toe with his host. Maybe the Daily Show would do well with a straight man?

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